Try Chitosan oligosaccaride to reduce use of traditional pesticide

The Mechanism of action of Chitosan oligosaccharide


The mechanism is that plant can produce chitinase by absorbing Chitosan oligosaccharide to interact with pathogenic bacteria, inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, make susceptible plants produce systemic resistance, promote plant synthesis of phytoprotegerin, stimulate the synthesis and accumulation of plant lignin, and at the same time promote the activity of plant disease-resistant enzymes.With the systemic resistance of plants, the vascular bundles of stem base had no lesion or lessened obviously, the root system was developed, the plant was strong, the fresh weight of individual plant was increased, and the disease resistance was improved.



Chitosan oligosaccharide are different from traditional pesticidesIt does not directly affect harmful organisms, but stimulates the immune responses of plants themselves(including sterss resistance)to play an important role in resisting stress,resisting diseases and insects and increasing production .Chitosan oligosaccharide are easily degraded by soil microorganisms into water and carbon dioxide, which are easily absorbed by the environment without residues.

The plant resistance components induced by Chitosan oligosaccharide are normal components of plants and are safe for human beings and livestock.Chitosan oligosaccharide induced plant resistance components are normal components of plants ,which are safe for humans and livestocks.At the same time,The resistance of plants induced by Chitosan oligosaccharide has a broad spectrum and a long duration. Long-term or multiple induction does not produce specific resistance in plants.

Up till now, no resistance to pathogens has been found.Therefore,The use of plant immune elicitor Chitosan oligosaccharide to induce plant immunity can make full use of plant defense ability and reduce the use of chemical pesticides, protect the environment, and meet the requirements of green plant protection and ecological civilization construction.



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